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Fisher & Paykel 5kg Auto Sensing Dryer hire

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  • Auto Sensing Dryer hire

    •    Size (Width X Height X Depth)
    •    565 X 795 X 560
    •    Wrinkle Free Drying With Wrinkle Guard
    •    Quad Fin For Even Drying
    •    Auto Sensing – Saves You Power and Money
    •    Reverse Tumbling To Dry Clothes More Evenly
    •    Automatic Cool Down
    •    Finish Beep Signals
    •    Internal Venting
    •    Child Lock

    Although the Fisher & Paykel Auto Sensing Dryer is automatic, the machine has been designed to give you complete control. With a gentle touch of the touch buttons, you will have access to five dryness settings and time delay of 3, 6, or 9 hours.

    The dryness settings include an air-dry option – which allows the clothes to dry just enough so they will dry quicker in the open air; to extra dry – for a complete dry that allows you to store your clothes straight away; and of course a low dry cycle – for your in between needs.

    Once your clothes are dry, autosensing comes into play. Instead of allowing your clothes to continue to rotate in the heat, long after they are dry, the dryer will automatically sense when your clothes are dry and stop the machine. This saves your clothes and saves you money on your electrical bill!

    Another fantastic part of the design is the unique Quad Fin system that changes the way clothes circulate within the dryer drum. Designed to rotate and propel clothes from the front to the back of the drum in a continuous 360 degree movement, the system eliminates hot spots and creates more even drying throughout the load.

    Other great features include reverse tumbling to prevent tangling; a drying rack that sits in the middle as the barrel tumbles around it – great for shoes or delicates! And Wrinkle Guard, which tumbles clothes briefly every five minutes (until you are ready to remove them) preventing wrinkles forming and saving on ironing work!
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    • 1 Month Rate

    • 3 Months Rate

      $12.96 Per Week
    • 6 Months Rate

      $9.91 Per Week
    • 12 Months Rate

      $8.87 Per Week
    • 24 Months Rate

      $8.02 Per Week
    • 36 Months Rate

      $7.02 Per Week