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Single Bed Posture Support Deluxe Medium

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    • Single Bed Size (92cm X 188cm)
    • 3 Zoned Chiro Flex ES Spring System
    • No Turn Technology
    • Double Edge Side Supports
    • Premium Density Ultra Fresh Treated Comfort Layers
    • Comfortable Knitted Fabric
    • Made in Melbourne

    For a brilliant luxurious nights sleep without the strain on the budget, the Posture Support Deluxe Medium Queen Size Mattress and Base will have you dreaming in no time. This ensemble not only provides valued support and comfort but also the flexibility to style your bedroom anyway you want, without worrying if your intended makeover will suit your bed frame. The queen size is also ideal for couples, or singles that like to move around and stretch out during the night.

    When choosing a mattress, comfort is the number one priority. The posture support deluxe mattress contains comfort layers of premium high-density Dunlop foam – the ultimate in pressure relief. Contouring to the body to relieve pressure points and providing lush comfort. And the 3 zoned Chiro flex extra support spring system not only provides extra support, but also reduced partner disturbance!

    A major advantage of an ensemble bed is the mobility and flexibility they provide. You can move the bed with ease and change the look of your room from week to week! And since the bed is the same size of the mattress, there is no lost space in your room. Add to that, the convenience of not running into wooden bed corners in the middle of the night and you’ll be able to sleep trouble-free.

    With the comfort, ease and flexibility of the Posture Support Deluxe Medium Queen Size Mattress and Base, your bedroom will be complete. The biggest challenge you will face is deciding how to design the look of your bedroom!

    Like every product in our range this mattress and base ensemble is available for both long term and short term solutions.
    All of our mattresses are supplied with a complimentary zip up mattress protector for your cleanliness, and protection of the the mattress.
    If you are renting the bed to assist to sell you home we can supply it with a valance to finish off the bed.

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      $16.67 Per Week
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      $11.54 Per Week
    • 12 Months Rate

      $10 Per Week
    • 24 Months Rate

      $8.82 Per Week
    • 36 Months Rate