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Haier 208lt Chest Freezer Rental

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    •    Size 845W X 940H X 570D
    •    Environmentally Friendly R600A Refrigerant
    •    Quick Response Cooling
    •    Small Items Basket
    •    Counterweighted Lid
    •    Light Indicators
    •    Front Facing Thermostat
    •    Front Positioned Drainage Outlet
    •    Anodized Lining For Better Insulation

    This large 208 litre chest freezer from Haier is perfect for a family or share house, as well as for anyone who has ever found themselves in the frozen section at the supermarket, wishing they could buy in bulk – if only they had the storage space!

    This freezer is all about convenience. There is a handy basket for small bits and pieces, ensuring you don’t lose any little items and that you have easy access to them. A quick response “Super Freeze” cooling system that snap freezes your food, sealing in the nutrients. Power On and “Super Freeze” light indicators, so you know that the freezer is doing its job. A front facing thermostat, located for ease of access. And counterweighted lid that is easy to lift and stays up on its own, so you can easily load and unload your food.

    In general chest freezers use less energy than fridge freezers, which is great in itself, however this one also comes with a fantastic 3 star energy rating! Additionally the freezer features premium anodized lining, for thermal efficiency, meaning further reduced energy consumption. So there are lots of cost savings for you!

    The energy saving properties of this freezer don’t just mean lower costs to you though, they also mean a reduced effect on the environment. Furthermore all Haier chest freezers use R600A refrigerant, which is much more environmentally friendly than other refrigerants.

    If you are after volume, convenience and efficiency, you can’t go wrong with this freezer.

    • 1 Month Rate

    • 3 Months Rate

      $12.46 Per Week
    • 6 Months Rate

      $9.53 Per Week
    • 12 Months Rate

      $8.53 Per Week
    • 24 Months Rate

      $7.71 Per Week
    • 36 Months Rate

      $6.75 Per Week